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Derek Bradley

Designer-in-residence at Airbnb via the Designer Fund. Previously at OkCupid Labs, teaching Typography at Miami Ad School, and consulting for variety of startups.

John Ashenden

Designer, developer, entrepreneur, and unwavering pragmatist. Partner The BKRY. Founder of H1 Studios. Former Grooveshark SVP/Creative Director.

Tobias van Schneider

Multidisciplinary Designer focused on Branding & Interactive Design. Founder of the network agency les Avignons, founder of Dotmail App & former Designer at Fantasy Interactive.

Alex Penny

Entrepreneur & app maker. Creator of Currency (featured in FastCo).

Adam Kopec

Product Designer at GroupMe. Formerly at, Forrst, WeFollow, and Vaynermedia.

Daniel Yang

Sr. UX Designer at ZocDoc & Co-Founder of Fiestah.

Tyler Schuett

UX Designer at Amazon. Previously the Head of Design for a mid sized startup called FanBridge.

Jonno Riekwel

Passionate product designer from the Netherlands. Loves every pixel. Making Shipment & Awkward.

Conway Anderson

Designer. Aspiring founder. Made Ketup. Helped make Pandora & GoodGuide. AngelHack S'12 Finalist.

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